April 1, 2023
James Madison University
US/Eastern timezone
See you all at the Fall 2023 Meeting on Oct. 21 @ UMD/Zoom !

Lab Activities in Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics for High School Physics and Physical Science Teachers

Apr 1, 2023, 3:45 PM
King Hall 0259 (James Madison University)

King Hall 0259

James Madison University

701 Carrier Dr. Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Richard Lindgren (University of Virginia)


In this presentation, we will discuss the physics and pedagogy of selected lab and demo activities that have been used over the past years in workshops and courses at the University of Virginia for high school physics and physical science teachers. However, my main purpose is to hand out to teachers hard wired lab activities still available from these studies which are still new and never been used. Still available are electroscope kits, bread board kits with resistors, wires etc., several toolbox E/M kits with over 75 items, multimeters, several laser pointer kits, a few optical bench kits, waterproof cameras, tripods, physics like toys such as a slinky, mirascope, fire syringe, hand boilers, solar dancers, poppers, and dippy ducks. In addition to the kits there are numerous items that do not fit in a particular category such as bar magnets, digital thermometers, mini microphones, bags of resistors of all values, mini transformers, motors, and generators, etc. A list of most items with photos will be posted online. You will have the opportunity to view the list before you arrive. Some selected activities will be demonstrated and discussed hopefully giving you some new ideas. After discussion we will match you up with your first choice that you have previously selected. You may be permitted to select additional items if still available.

Primary author

Richard Lindgren (University of Virginia)

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