New Directions in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering is the first fully online NuSTEC workshop devoted to the discussion of neutrino-nucleus interactions at sub-GeV and GeV energies. The aim of this workshop is to highlight new ideas, new developments, and upcoming work in the broad kinematical regime relevant to astrophysical applications and accelerator-based searches of neutrino oscillations. This workshop is in anticipation of the NuINT20 conference that has been delayed due to COVID19.

The Workshop is intended to address a diverse audience---including nuclear theorists, neutrino experimentalists and developers of event generators---with the aim of fostering synergies and collaborative efforts.

Details are still being finalized, but we expect sessions to take place between 7 am-12.30 pm U.S. Central Time (1-6.30 pm CET, 9 pm-2.30 am S. Korea). The program will include discussion of new developments from ongoing and planned experiments, as well as the most advanced theoretical models and their implementation in Monte Carlo simulations.