This workshop is the third edition of the series, for which the first edition took place at Virginia Tech in 2022 and the 2nd edition took place at Jefferson Lab in 2023. We are welcoming you for this third edition at ECT* in Trento, Italy.

Our goal is to bring together theorists and experimentalists in hadronic physics to discuss recent progress and directions to improve our knowledge of hard exclusive reactions and interpretations such as hadron imaging. 

This edition of the workshop will put a particular emphasis on lattice QCD and computing techniques, such as the use of machine learning. We will also discuss, among physics topics, hard exclusive meson production, lepton pairs, meson pairs, exclusive studies in ultra-peripheral collisions, that are accessible in fix target experiments and hadron colliders. We will discuss the sensitivity of these reactions to objects such as GPDs, GTMDs, gravitational form factor and spin.  

The workshop will take place exclusively in person. Remote attendance as audience is possible, but all the talks will be in person. It is to encourage informal discussions, as well as facilitating the dedicated discussion sessions we aim to have at the end of each day.


  1. Lattice QCD
  2. Computing methods
  3. Hard exclusive meson production
  4. Compton-like reactions, dilepton production
  5. Theory / phenomenology
  6. GPD models and beyond
  7. Experimental facilities and programs