Aug 12 – 18, 2018
US/Eastern timezone

Modeling neutrino-nucleus interactions in the few-GeV region

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Mr Kajetan Niewczas (Ghent University)


A good understanding of neutrino-nucleus scattering mechanisms is essential to reduce the systematic errors in neutrino oscillation experiments. Recent interest of the Ghent group focus on providing a consistent description of this process in the intermediate energy region. We describe the low energy response with collective nuclear excitations and the quasielastic peak using a Hartree-Fock-CRPA (continuum random phase approximation) model that takes into account nuclear long-range correlations as well as hadronic final-state interactions. The two-body current mechanisms, which are especially important in the region between the quasielastic and the delta-resonance peak, are included through short-range correlations and meson-exchange currents, treated within the same mean-field based model. Our description of intermediate-energy neutrino-nucleus scattering is completed by modeling neutrino-induced pion production. For that, we consider the dominant contribution from the decay of the delta resonance as well as other terms required by chiral symmetry, working in a fully relativistic formalism with a refined treatment of nuclear effects.

Primary author

Mr Kajetan Niewczas (Ghent University)


Mr Alexis Nikolakopoulos (Ghent University) Dr Jannes Nys (Ghent University) Prof. Natalie Jachowicz (Ghent University) Mr Nils Van Dessel (Ghent University) Dr Raúl González-Jiménez (Complutense University of Madrid) Dr Vishvas Pandey (Virginia Tech)

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