June 27, 2023
US/Eastern timezone

Accessibilty Information

Accessibility Information


ASL Interpreting and Captioning Services Instructions


Viewing ASL interpreter during presentations and open sessions:


The Zoom interpreter can be viewed in the gallery mode.  We recommend using the Zoom feature to pin the ASL interpreter to your screen so you can view both the presentation slides and the interpreter. You can also resize the screen between the slides and the interpreter. 

You will find the interpreters by name in zoom:

  • Rhonda Cunningham 
  • Elaine Kleemann

Note: they will be alternating between presentations and may rename themselves as ASL interpreters.

We recommend consulting zoom instruction here: Pinning participants' videos – Zoom Support (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362743-Pinning-participants-videos) on the best way to pin the presenter and ASL interpreter.


Viewing Caption services during the presentations and open sessions:


For this event, caption services are provided by StreamText via a separate website Using this link. Captioning will not appear in zoom on the screen.  This service provides you the ability to review, scroll back on previous transcriptions.