March 16, 2024
Delaware State University, Bank of America Building
US/Eastern timezone
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Learn about the Heliophysics Big Year events such as the eclipse through NASA’s Community Coordinated Modeling Center’s (CCMC) tools

Mar 16, 2024, 9:15 AM
BOA 101 (Delaware State University, Bank of America Building)

BOA 101

Delaware State University, Bank of America Building

1200 N. DuPont Highway Dover, DE 19901
Talk (15 minutes) BOA 101


Elana Resnick (NASA GSFC/CCMC / ASRC Federal)


The Heliophysics Science Division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) is calling October 2023 through December 2024 the Heliophysics Big Year (HBY). Learn about heliophysics, and how you can use the Community Coordinated Modeling Center’s (CCMC’s) tools to engage with the events from the annular eclipse from last October, this upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th, and Parker Solar Probe’s closest approach to the sun on December 24th. The CCMC has hands-on space weather modeling tools for formal and informal educators. The CCMC supports educational activities, such as heliophysics and space weather summer schools, contests, research visits and exchanges. We create and maintain a wide variety of tools for space weather simulations, analysis, forecasting, and visualization. This includes tools such as the iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA), Database Of Notifications, Knowledge, Information (DONKI), and OpenSpace 3D visualization project.

Primary author

Elana Resnick (NASA GSFC/CCMC / ASRC Federal)


Anders Lundkvist (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Chinwe Didigu (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/ADNET) Chiu Wiegand (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Chris Light (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/USRA) Christine Verbeke (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/USRA) Claudio Corti (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/ USRA) Damian Barrous Dume (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/NAVTECA) Edgar Russell (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/Randstad) Elon Olsson (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Jack Topper (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/Telophase) Jack Wang (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Jia Yue (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Joshua Pettit (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/GMU) Joycelyn Jones (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Karen Scheiber (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/ADNET) Katherine Garcia-Sage (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Leila Mays (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Liutauras Rusaitis (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Lutz Rastaetter (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Maksym Petrenko (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Martin Reiss (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/USRA) Masaru Kogure (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Masha Kuznetsova (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Matthew Lesko (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/NAVTECA) Maya Levisohn (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/Telophase) Michelle Mendoza (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Min-Yang Chou (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Mostafa El Alaoui (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Peter Macneice (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Poly Manessis (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/ADNET) Rick Mullinix (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Sandro Taktakishvili (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Sarabjit Bakshi (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/ADNET) Tina Tsui (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Tyler Schiewe (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA) Yihua Zheng (NASA GSFC/CCMC) Yuta Hozumi (NASA/GSFC/CCMC/CUA)

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