March 16, 2024
Delaware State University, Bank of America Building
US/Eastern timezone
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Experimental Projects for a Capstone Engineering Physics Course at Delaware State University

Mar 16, 2024, 9:00 AM
BOA 217 (Delaware State University, Bank of America Building)

BOA 217

Delaware State University, Bank of America Building

1200 N. DuPont Highway Dover, DE 19901
Talk (15 minutes) BOA 217


Aristides Marcano (Delaware State University)


The presentation discusses capstone experimental projects designed for senior students majoring in Engineering Physics at Delaware State University. In this capstone experience, students complete a total of ten short experimental projects in two semesters from a repository of twenty laboratories, which include experiments in electrical circuitry, spectroscopy, modern physics, thermodynamics, acoustics, optics, and renewable energy technology. Students are expected to conceive and design the experimental protocol to test the hypothesis or verify a known theory. Students prepare a technical report upon completion of each experiment. They also make an oral or a poster presentation for one experiment of their choice as a culminating assessment. Students are guided to prepare reports and presentations following the structure/format similar to a regular scientific communication. To enhance the creativity of the experience, students also perform additional mini-projects based on Arduino microcontroller kits.

Primary author

Aristides Marcano (Delaware State University)

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