October 4, 2014
Virginia Tech
US/Eastern timezone

Scientific Program


  8:15 – Registration and Breakfast

  9:00 – Opening remarks: Shengfeng Cheng (Virginia Tech)
  9:05 – Introduction: Tim Long (ICTAS Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute
                                                 Director, Professor of Chemistry, Virginia Tech)
  9:20 – Welcome: Leo Piilonen (Professor and Chair, Dept. Physics, Virginia Tech)
                            Scott Case (Professor and Engineering Science and Mechanics
                                               Program Chair, Dept. Biomedical Engineering and
                                               Mechanics, Virginia Tech)
Session 1: Chair, Uwe Tauber (Virginia Tech)
  9:30 – Invited Speaker: Will Mather (Virginia Tech)
             Title: Biological Cell Dynamics in Microfluidic Environments
10:10 – Sound bite presentations I

11:00 – Coffee break

Session 2: Chair, James Hanna (Virginia Tech)
11:25 – Invited Speaker: Michael Rubinstein (Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
            Title: Dynamics of Particles in Soft Matter

12:05 – Lunch

Session 3: Chair, Sunny Jung (Virginia Tech)
 1:30 – Invited Speaker: Hannes Schniepp (College of William and Mary)
           Title: Brown Recluse Spider’s Nanometer Scale Ribbons of Strong Sticky Silk
 2:10 – Sound bite presentations II

 2:55 – Coffee break

Session 4: Chair, Michel Pleimling (Virginia Tech)
 3:20 – Sound bite presentations III
 4:10 – Invited Speaker: David Green (University of Virginia)
            Title: Impact of Graft Polymer Wetting Transitions on Colloidal Stability and
                    Dynamics in Polymer Matrices

 4:50 – Concluding remarks