19-22 October 2011
Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke VA
US/Eastern timezone
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Qweak: A Precision Standard Model Test at Jefferson Lab

20 Oct 2011, 15:45
Crystal Ballroom A (Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke VA)

Crystal Ballroom A

Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke VA


Mark Pitt (Virginia Tech)


The Qweak collaboration is currently performing the first precision measurement of the proton's neutral weak charge at Jefferson Lab. The Standard Model gives a firm prediction for the weak charge; any deviation from that can be interpreted as new physics beyond the Standard Model. This precision, low energy measurement is sensitive to new physics signatures at energy scales up to 2 TeV. The experiment measures the parity-violating asymmetry in the scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons on the proton at low momentum transfer. An overview of the motivation and experimental approach will be presented, along with an update on the current status.

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